If you have the need for a secure way to collect and route pdf form data that has private information such as personal health care data or financial data, we provide a service to meet your needs.  Our secure pdf form submission & routing service might be just the thing for you.
Here's a high level description of what happens.
  1. The submitter downloads the fillable pdf form from a website or receives it via email.
  2. Submitter fills the fillable pdf form and clicks the "submit" button.
  3. The data from the pdf form is transmitted in secure encrypted form to a server (using SSL).
  4. The server announces to the ultimate recipient that a form has been submitted.  A submission ID and form name is included.
  5. The recipient uses a special administration PDF provided as part of this service to pull the data.  The recipient enters Username, Password & Submission ID and clicks "get form".
  6. The admin form pulls encrypted data and populates the form.
  7. The recipient saves the filled form using a button on the form.
An important feature of the service is that the interactions are implemented with buttons so the recipient doesn't need to learn the complexities of Adobe products.  They don't need to remember to 
  a) download a file 
  b) do   Forms/Manage Form Data/Import Data.
  c) File/Save As
This capability will be available for a one-time setup fee and a monthly subscription fee.  Form conversion prices are normal plus a fee per form to integrate with the server.  Please call for information or a demonstration of the functionality.
Call us @  715-204-0379
Of course you can also use the Adobe LiveCycle Server Extensions.  It provides a more seamless solution with a price starting at $20,000.  We can help you set that up if you prefer.  Formrouter provides a competive service that should be considered.